How do tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) function?
Orange tire pressure monitoring systems are direct systems that monitor the pressure and temperature in each of the tires through radio frequency emitting sensors mounted on the drum of the wheel. The information collected by the sensors is transmitted to the display receiver and the information is displayed. The device visually and audibly warns the driver when tire pressure or temperature falls above or below the customizable settings.
What kind of vehicles are able to use the Orange retrofit kit?
Orange retrofit TPMS kits are designed to fit all foreign or domestic passenger cars and light duty pickup trucks that do not have a TPMS factory option. Maximum inflation pressure 76 psi.
If tires are rotated, does each TPMS sensor still display the tire location correctly on the display unit?
No, the display unit will show the old tire locations and information will be incorrect. Tire locations can be rotated within the display receiver via the setup function referenced on Page 17 of the owner’s manual.
Does each TPMS Sensor have a unique ID to identify itself?

Each TPMS sensor has a unique identification number so the display unit can differentiate and report each tire’s information independently.

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