Orange = O - Range
Zero distance, zero ranges, wireless technology’ s  core technology brand

Orange Electronic access to the main three core technology
(1) RF wireless technology
(2) the high and low temperature automotive electronics design
(3) power management

First is the RF radio frequency technology, focusing on development of wireless tire pressure monitoring system, also premised on wireless, we boast become an expert in wireless technology, so was born ORANGE=0-range (zero distance) brand!

Orange Electronic, wireless tire pressure monitoring system for long-term commitment to research and development and innovation, through strict quality control and continuous improvement, maintaining industry-leading technology and quality standards.

Company founded so far, Orange Electronic has successfully occupy US, Europe, Japan and etc. country market, is international minority can get many countries wireless tire pressure certification of manufacturers, not only for multiple brand models provides products, but also global minority can in North America market for all large models brand provides compatible original sales served tire pressure monitoring sensor of manufacturers, more won the United States Tire Industry Association (TIA) respectively notice North America market all of car dealer, Tire related channels of Relearn Chart for 2010, 2011, only one of Asia's qualifying winning suppliers in the white paper, the glory also makes Taiwan brands have the opportunity to get in the North American market and shows Orange TPMS core technology strength and influence of the Orange brand in the market.

Video : Orange Introduction

Reputation by test of international automotive manufacturers and speed racing

Orange Electronic products in addition to afford the test of international automotive manufacturers and speed racing, the team's enthusiasm and ability to respond customer requirements quickly and gained good market reputation.

At the same time, Using own-brand TP-Checker sponsored the competition the most harsh and cruel Japan program Formula Nippon racing 2008, SuperGT, D1 Project Drifting racing series events, has repeatedly demonstrated a high stability and excellent performance of our products.

As Europe, US, Japan, developed countries’ regulation in-depth implementation and full installed, domestic consumer of security consciousness, and energy-saving, and emissions and environmental consciousness also in constantly electric enhanced, we may with General "customer" together promoting domestic tire pressure monitoring market of development in pursuit economic benefits of while courage to bear enterprise of social responsibility, not only for channel customer widening itself of operating area provides more efficient, and shortcut, and thoughtful of support platform, but also for domestic all understand how to driving, and consumers love his/her family enjoy proactive security and energy-saving environmental protection bring healthy lifestyles contribute to our efforts.

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