Orange Electronic new revolutionary sensor
mounting tool the “Cobra 2K”.

Data from auto manufacturers tells us that 10 to 15% of snap-in valves will leak after installation
even if proper installation procedures are followed.


Traditional tool actually tears the rubber valve and you will not notice it because the damage is so tiny and it is covered by the rim.
The way the traditional tool works is to attach and pull the rubber valve through the rim.
This is an improper installation method as people have to make sure they do not pull the valve stem too hard,
however it is difficult to make sure everyone pulls it through with same consistency and pressure every time.
Technicians can easily pull valve stems too hard causing unseen damage and leaks.
This leads to unhappy customers returning to the tire store costing additional time and money to solve the customer’s problem.
Technicians already know this, but up until now there has been no better alternative.

We at Orange Electronic have heard this need and have developed the Cobra 2K, a tool to install snap-in sensors
quickly and correctly and eliminate the concern for leaks.
With the new Cobra2K, technicians can install sensors correctly by pushing the sensor body and screw head
without damaging the rubber valve stem or core. We have interchangeable holders to fit all existing makes of snap-in sensors.
We are constantly focused on innovation & improvement to satisfy the needs of our customers.
Orange Electronic is your one-stop solution for all your TPMS needs. Cobra 2K, the best tool for installing snap in sensors.
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