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Orange Electronic is committed to providing unsurpassed quality in our product line as well as providing world class training for our customers. Since 2007 Orange Electronic has been in the forefront of the TPMS market as a leader in the industry. Our commitment to providing the highest technical advances in our sensor is one of the reasons that we stand out from other TPMS manufactures. This significant achievement not only shows that Orange Electronic has been qualified by the American Motors Industry but also has been certified on the OE Level by such manufactures as, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI and Suzuki. We also have the distinct honor to be endorsed by one of the world’s leading tire manufactures, Pirelli. Our relationship with Pirelli is so strong it requires that we maintain an office in the Pirelli headquarters.

Orange Electronic also is the first to have 98% vehicle coverage as well as providing a sensor that does not require a vehicle relearn procedure. In 2015 we have launched our latest product, we now have only 2 sensors in our product line that gives the ability to cover 98% of the vehicles. This second generation sensor still maintains all the protocols necessary to achieve 98% coverage as well as some new features.

Visit our page marked “Product” to find out more about our new generation Simple-Sensor.

Core Competences


Original Replacement Parts Manufacturer

As the global motor brands, many cars, plus the communication protocol (Protocol) are different, the original depot to complete the full range of alternative systems for a very difficult target. (OE Sensor Data Base)TPMS All my colleagues in the Orange Electronic collaboration, the efforts of a united and coherent, complete construction of an alternative agreement can communicate with each other pieces of the database (OE Sensor Data Base), the success of a firm global TPMS aftermarket leadership. We also established branch offices in the United States (Orange USA), focused running U.S. market in 2010 and got the US Tire Industry Association announcement as one of the three original replacement parts manufacture!


• Taiwan Excellence (M207 For Motorcycle)
• Cobra 2K Tool Developed (For Installing Snap-in Sensors)


• Taiwan Excellence (TP500 & TP508)
• TAIEX (Stock Code 4554)


• Taiwan Excellence 2014 (P425 for TOYOTA)


• Taiwan Excellence 2013 (P418 for iPhone)


• Tire Vitals iPhone TPMS Integration Unit Developed
• Won Outlander TPMS Orders from Mitsubishi
• Automechanika Innovation Award 2012
• Acquire Taiwan Rising Star Award
• Acquire Twian SMEs Innovation Award


• Alliance With Bridgestone Taiwan
• Taiwan Excellence (P412 & Garmin)
• OPSSII Tool Developed
• Recommended in US TIA TPMS
• Relearn Chart 2011


• SEMA Best New Product Award Runner up 2010
• Acquired Taiwan Excellence Award 2010(OE Sensor & P409S)
• Recommended in US TIA TPMS Relearn Chart 2010


• Sponsored 2009 D1 Grand Prix Professional Drifting Series
• Orange Programmable Sensor System (OPSS) Developed


• Sponsored Formula Nippon 2008 by the name of TP-Checker
• Acquired TS 16949 Certification
• Orange USA Launched
• OE Replacement Sensor Developed


• Japan Daytona Motocycle TPMS Developed
• Acquired Industry Contribution Award from Taiwan Government
• LE-MANS Racing, Orange TPMS for Japan Honda Racing Team


• Acquired SEMA Best New Product Award 2007
• Qualified EU E-mark TPMS FR Certification.
• Commercial Vehicle TPMS developed for Mitsubishi Fuso


• Qualified USA, Japan, Taiwan and Korean TPMS
RF Certification

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