Retrofit (Four Wheels)




Retrofit (Multi Wheels)

Customized product / Specially for Truck and Trailer
Work with mobile phone & tablet
Up to 30 wheels (For Android)


Cobra 2K

The Best Tool For Installing Snap-in Sensors!

Retrofit (Two Wheels)



Simple Sensor

/ OE qualified / 98% Coverage / Reduce cost & inventory concerns
/ ID copy 4 sensor in less than 5 mins / Rubber & Metal interchangeable
Valve Stems


Programming Tool

Quickly scan sensors to diagnose pressure, temperature, and battery
levels to easily educate customers about TPMS
needs without taking off a single tire.


98% Coverage


  • SP201 (433MHz) 90%
  • SP202 (315MHZ) 90%
  • USA Car Model 95%
  • EU Car Model 95%




∙ OPSSII Update Software
∙ Orange APP (iOS)
∙ Orange APP (Android)


∙ Simple-Sensor (Generation 2)
∙ Simple-Sensor (Generation 1)
∙ T201/T401/HT series


∙ Orange Monthly No.01
∙ Orange Monthly No.02
∙ Orange Monthly No.03


∙ Product Manual
∙ Installation Instruction

OEM Project (original equipment manufacturer) Accomplishment

Legislation: The United States is the first country to mandate TPMS in vehicle starting from 2005.  Starting in 2008
all newly manufactured vehicles produced in USA are equipped with TPMS system. 
These TPMS sensors transmit the tires pressure, temperature and other data to vehicle engine control unit.
Since establishing in 2005, Orange Electronic has been striving to provide good quality TPMS to customers all over the world. 
Our product is qualified by TS16949 certification. By applying automotive production procedure, we provide high and stable quality of goods.

Our main OEM customers in Taiwan and China include :

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Orange Electronic-An experienced leader in TPMS, We are sure you will like our recent changes.
At Orange Electronic we are committed to providing the highest quality products while maintaining a user friendly sensor
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