The #M202 set is fitted and working well. I can now tell you that the sensors fit the BMW R1100GS (1998 model) wheels perfectly. Pressure is holding in the tyres very well. I had no problems programing the new sensors on the display box. I fitted the display between the speedometer and tachometer as you can see in the photo. I made up a special bracket for that since I wanted the display to be as easily seen as possible, and tucked in under the fairing. I have attached a few photos showing the bike, the display, and the view of the wheel valve stems. I have also attached some photos of another bike I have, a BMW R1200RT. I wish I could fit your #M202 system on it but there is a problem with the front wheel in that it has the valve stem on one of the wheel spokes. I particularly like the ‪#‎M202TPMS‬ because it is an internal system and your company is able to supply new sensors unlike other companies like M********n. I also do not like external systems like T*****g with sensor caps on the valve stems, because they do not accurately read the internal temperature of the tyres. Anyway thanks for you help and I will recommend your product to other riders.

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