For warranty issues please make sure you purchased products that are manufactured by Orange Electronic.
As Orange Electronic is not responsible for any merchandise purchased from non authorized 3rd party
sellers nor does Orange Electronic warranty any merchandise that was not purchased
from a authorized seller. To find an authorized seller please click the link below.


Name of the company GM (General Motors)


Orange TPMS Re-Learn Tool EL-50448 for GM Vehicles

GM official authorizes and selling on official Website.
Purchase EL-50448 on GM website or Orange authorized agents for warranty.

NOTICE: GM & Orange will not guarantee tool function or offer service
for tool is not manufactured by Orange.


Name of the company ATM Technologies GmbH

Company address

Bahnhofstr. 37, 29336 Nienhagen

Contact Information & Email
Amazon Store account number AEPIQXRE2ZA5I
Amazon Store seller name ATMTech
eBay username a868parts
eBay ID E411062307007-EUR​


Name of the company OTV24

Company address

Bloherfelder Str. 230b, 26129 Oldenburg

Contact Information & Email (Ebay or Amazon-Shop-Kontonummer)
ebay Shop


Name of the company Schäferbarthold GmbH

Company address

Erbeweg 2-12 | 32457 Porta Westfalica | Deutschland

Contact +49 (0)571-502161 | FAX +49 (0)571-50266161